Monday, May 14, 2007

Daddy and Maddie

Here are some new pictures taken earlier today of Brad Pitt bringing his son Maddox to school in Prague.. too cute! Read more!

Kendra Loves Chocolate!

Kendra Wilkinson has been spending more time at clubs and less time with her "boyfriend" Hugh Hefner! After Hugh dumps her or dies (whichever comes first) she is totally going to be even MORE of a groupie! Kendra hosted another party at Las Vegas' PURE this weekend! Read more!

Paris Cares

Paris Hilton is really trying to win the public's sympathy by seeming innocent, nice and caring. As if THAT will stop her from going to jail! Her father, Rick is in the hospital with what is described as a non-serious condition. The paparazzi were conviently outside her of her house to see the lovely little poster she made for dad. She does arts and crafts, how could you possibly send her to jail? Read more!

Mother's Day

Christina Aguilera spent her Mother's Day with her dear mother, Shelly at the paparazzi infested Ivy. Read more!

Get Your Shopping On

Beyonce is currently on a European tour and she is enjoying the best of what Milan has to offer! On Saturday, she enjoyed some quality shopping time and hopefully she bought something to replace that god awful outfit! Read more!

Thou Shalt Not DUI!

Paris Hilton accompanied by her mother KAthy and sister Nicky, attended church on Sunday for the first and probably last time in her short and meaningless life! I'm sure she was sweating like a whore in church! We can only imagine what her prayer to god was like.. Read more!

Lindsay Gets Wet

After flying to New York for the promotion of Georgia Rule, Lindsay Lohan and new boyfriend, Calum Best are enjoying some fun in the sun in the Bahamas! Lindsay SO knows she is being photographed, she loves it! Read more!

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