Friday, May 11, 2007

Men Can Do Wonders

Every opportunity that Kate Bosworth gets, she seems to be stripping down into her bikini to show the world that she has gained weight and is no longer skeletor. Thursday was no exception, she played on the beach with her model boyfriend, James Rousseau. Read more!

Lindsay Lohan NYC

If you can remember March when Lindsay Lohan dyed her hair blonde and flew to NYC, she was out every single night! Now, Lindsay is back in New York making the rounds to promote her new movie, Georgia Rule! Of course she made time to have a little fun! Here are some pictures of Lindsay, on Wednesday at TRL, NBC Studios and out with new fling, Calum Best! Read more!

What Has Happened

Do you remember when Gwyneth Paltrow was considered a natural, fresh beauty? Well she sure is looking natural, but not too fresh! The actress dined at Beverly Hills' Orso on Wednesday night looking tired and washed out. That's motherhood for you! Read more!

Workin Hard

Beyonce seems to always be touring, she really works hard for her money! She made a stop in Zurich, Switzerland on Wednesday with some adoring fans. Beyonce is a naturally beautiful girl, so sometimes when she wears a lot of make-up, it looks a bit drag queen, so chill with the pastel lipsticks that match the lettering on your shirt, it isn't working, girl! Read more!

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