Monday, May 7, 2007

In A Different Mansion

I always heard that Hef's girls weren't allowed out or by themselves past a certain time and without Hef. I guess those rules are changing, because more and more throughout the past few months, I've seen Kendra hosting a bevy of events in Miami, Vegas and LA. She must be sharing some of that dough with Hugh Hefner! Last night, Kendra hosted a party at Miami hotspot, Mansion. Read more!

Best Time of Our Lives

Filming has already begun for the movie Best Time of Our Lives which Lindsay Lohan dropped out of a few weeks ago. Judging from pictures of Kiera Knightley and Sienna Miller, the wardrobe is interesting. Maybe the part wasn't glamorous enough for Lindsay, or maybe the lesbian scenes hit too close to home! Read more!

The Color Orange

Lindsay Lohan has left the building! Amidst rumors of cocaine abuse, Lohan conviently had a premiere of George Rule to attend in Atlanta. She wore a very bright orange scarf to the airport, maybe a silent slap to frenemy Paris Hilton who could be sporting that color VERY soon. Read more!

Where Is The Wow?

People haven't been giving Britney Spears THAT much flack because they are just happy to see her happy and off the club circuit. But seriously, when are we going to see a WOW outfit? Maybe a nice Dolce and Gabbana gown on a red carpet, or a sexy but classy outfit, sans boots? Here the singer is preparing for her show last night in Vegas. Read more!

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