Friday, May 4, 2007

Please Tell Me

Also at the Byron Williams' Salon Opening was Mischa Barton.. knowing full well that Mischa's stylist, Rachel Zoe, was standing feet away pains me. There is no excuse for such a beautiful girl to wear something so horrendous. Read more!


It is official, Paris Hilton has been sentenced to 45 days in jail! In all fairness, had she been anyone else, the judge probably wouldn't have been so harsh. I wonder what this means for her friend Nicole Richie who's trial starts next week. Even though I hear vile things about Paris, I can't help but to feel bad about the girl Read more!


At 944's 1 year anniversary party yesterday, Hollywood's most worthless, skanks came out to show their support! That includes professional drunk, Tara Reid and professional "Water sport" Kim Kardashian. Makes you wanna go buy that magazine! Read more!

Before Britney

Before attending Britney Spears' "surprise" concert at HOB in LA, Lindsay Lohan attended Byron Williams' Salon Opening with the always haggard, Rachel Zoe. It is sad to see that this horrible woman is still employed by some.. she doesn't seem to be good for anything. Read more!

Did You Know?

Who knew Ruben Studdard was still alive and kickin? I admit, the real reason I posted this picture was for John Legend *drool*! Here the two are at a party in Santo. Read more!

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