Thursday, April 26, 2007

Say What You Will

Say what you will about Nicole Richie, but no matter how thin she is, she has an amazing set of legs on her! The reality-star showed off her gams in a cute, fashion forwardlittle jump suit, can you say new trend? The thing that amazes me is how she shops in those heels. That is talent in and of itself. Read more!


Kate Bosworth went into hibernation for a few months and now she has emerged, with model boyfriend in New York! I wonder what she did during that hibernation, it appears she ate a burger! Here's to many more. Read more!


I am not going to rag on Lindsay Lohan's "dress" instead, I am going to rag on her blotchy orange tan! It has also been said that Lindsay hangs out with people less attractive to make herself appear more beautiful. This picture is definitely adding fuel to the fire! Lindsay was at the Newsroom Cafe, probably doing unimportant things. Read more!

Not American!

Mischa Barton has been spending time in her favorite city, London, lately and she is still wearing those dreaded high-waisted pants. They can make even the most thin girl look chubby. Ditch them! Read more!

How Many Feuds?

So many feuds in one room. Nicole Richie hosted an Armani party yesterday, also in attendence was Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Kimberley Stewart and Lindsay's rumored girlfriend, Samantha Ronson.

Nicole managed to make the rounds, posing with both Lindsay and Paris. IMO, the only decent looking one was Nicole Richie. Paris Hilton looks all types of fug, oily skin, bloated face, just a hot mess. Lindsay looks old and washed up and Kimberley never looks cute. Kudos! Read more!

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