Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Money Doesn't Buy Class

Britney Spears is living proof that money doesn't buy class. It does however, buy skimpy outfits and a nanny to take care of Britney's babies while she dances and shops. Obviously, Britney was trying to show that all of her dancing has paid off and she almost has her famous body back. Work it out. Read more!


Lindsay Lohan is living proof that all the money in the world can't buy you a nice splotch-free tan.. or nice clothes! That's right, another night, another party! Last night, the club of choice was Winston's, what a worthless existence. Read more!

How Many STDs?

The amounts of STDs between these three must be amazing, (two in particular.) Imagine if Paris Hilton and Kevin Federline hooked up, it would form a new mutated super STD that could take over the world. Yum.. Read more!

Just A Normal Girl

Amy Winehouse is just a normal woman. She receives the mail in her bra and she wears her stage maku-up and hair around the house. So normal! Read more!

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