Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Would You Buy It?

Paris Hilton has a new sportswear line.. who knew heels and metallic tops were considered sportswear! In true Paris style, she walked the runway for her own event since she isn't a real model. Read more!

The pretty One

Wow, Paris Hilton's new guy, Josh Henderson is gorgeous! I am surprised she would have a person that good looking around her, it detracts from her and Paris is the jealous type. The two posed at Complex Magazine's Anniversary party in Los Angeles. Also in attendance? Paris' former best friend, Kim Kardashian. Read more!

Who Looks BettEr?

Paris Hilton will have to get over her jealousy issues as her co-star Nicole Richie is looking better and better these days. The two began promoting the show recently and Nicole outshined her hook-nosed pal. Paris, stop trying so hard! Read more!

Pay Attention To Me

Kim Kardashian tried desperately to get the attention of the paparazzi on Monday night, but her more famous and beautiful friend Mischa Barton stole the show! Kim tried walking in front of her and talking loud, but it just didn't work. Too bad Kimmy, that's what happens when you hang with people more famous than you. Read more!

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