Monday, April 9, 2007

Even Models

Even models have bad fashion. Even when shopping with fashion heroes like Marc Jacobs! Since Naomi Campbell's obligations in NYC are over, she hit Barney's in Beverly Hills with Marc. The hair and the dress with those shoes. NO! Read more!

What Is The Statement?

Jessica Alba really seems to be trying to make a statement by going out to lunch at the paparazzi infested restaraunt, The Ivy. Her boyfriend Cash Warren was absent and she has been seen alone a lot as of late. Hopefully she dumped that freeloader! Read more!

Mommy Dearest

Hot mom + Hot Dad= Adorable Kids! Reese Witherspoon took her adorable children Deacon and Ava out grocery shopping and then to church on Easter. Meanwhile, daddy Ryan Phillipe was out partying, such a shame! Read more!

Not There Yet

To be honest, Britney Spears doesn't look that great. Her fashion still sucks and her wigs and hats are atrocious. Seeing her history though, I think we can definitely let it slide and be glad she isn't flashing her goods, shaving her head and partying every night. Read more!

Happy Easter!

I hope this makes your appetite so you don't pig out on anymore Easter candy. Here is Brandon Davis' delicious brother Jason Davis on Easter. Read more!

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