Sunday, April 8, 2007

What Is This

Something here is wrong? The trailer park is that way, why are you on Robertson Blvd.? Last time I checked, her music hasn't been doing much of anything. Maybe she will bump into Nicole Richie and get some fashion tips (maybe some diet tips too.) Read more!

Lesson To The Kids

Here is a lesson for the kids, don't do Meth! You could end up like this woman! I thought Wilhelmina was a modeling agency. Fergie is the farthest thing from a model, apparently, she didn't get the memo! She attended Wilhelmina's 40th anniversary looking far from model-like. Read more!

Don't Get Fat

The hood on Mary-Kate's head is the only thing preventing her hair from falling out. The skinnier twin saw a Rangers game with boyfriend, Max Snow. She made sure to sip on calorie-free Diet Coke, be careful MK, you could get fat! Read more!

Um EW!

Pete Wentz has his very own Barbie Doll these days, Ashlee Simpson! At least Barbie dresses better and doesn't have such greasy hair. Gag me. Read more!


Meanwhile in Beverly Hills, Paris Hilton left her house and we're sure she called the paparazzi to announce she was going out. She actually looks decent, still hate her of course :) Read more!

Still Celebrating

Shanna Moakler is still celebrating her birthday, now in Vegas at hot club, PURE. To say she doesn't look her best is an understatement. She looks horrible! Her face looks bloated, probably from all the boozing and her bangs still look like hell. No wonder her husband left her for Paris Hilton! Read more!

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