Friday, April 6, 2007


Here is the Zombie that formerly was Katie Holmes. This is what Scientology does to you, people of the world, don't convert! Katie doesn't really act anymore, all she does is shop so I would expect her fashion sense to be a lot better. Read more!

Hair Did, Round Two

Here is Lindsay Lohan herself, emerging from the same hair stylist Mischa went to. They did an amazing job on Lindsay's hair, I wonder how Mischa's turned out. Read more!

Not Any More

Goldie Hawn took an innocent stroll to the tanning salon yesterday, but she was missing one important thing. A bra! Dearest Goldie, you aren't your flat-chested daughter, embrace your boobs, put them in a bra! Pronto! Read more!

Mischa Gets Her Hair Did

Mischa Barton got her hair did in Beverly Hills on Wednesday and looked amazing, no more potato sacks! Who else was getting their hair done at the same time? Lindsay Lohan of course! Mischa was less than enthused upon finding out this information. I wonder how that conversation went! Read more!

As Good As It Gets

Hilary Duff made an appearance at the premiere of HBO's hit series, Entourage and brought along her Entourage which consists of her clingy sister, Haylie Duff. Hilary looks lovely, I think she is so predictable these days, Haylie looks as good as she can possibly look. Read more!

The Wonders Of A Shower

Oh, the wonders of a shower! Keira Knightley and her boyfriend stepped out in London earlier this week, looking well put together and clean! Now Keira, show us the wonders of a sandwich. Read more!

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