Thursday, April 5, 2007

Cant Be Perfect

Britney Spears arrived at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse last night looking tacky as always, but at least not exposed (except for her see-through shirt.) She arrived with a nice clean shirt and left with a large stain. Spears made no attempt to hide it either! At least this shows she is semi-comfortable with herself, it is nice to see that rehab worked better on her than on LaLohan. Read more!

Guess Who

Who is the worthless "celebrity?" Victoria Beckham of course! Can't you see her hideous tramp stamp which draws attention to the ass she doesn't have? In fact, she is so skinny, it might actually be concave! I would show you face shots, but then you might lose your appetite and become as hideously skinny as her! Read more!

How Much Do You Have?

Madonna juggles three phones, starbucks and a book yesterday, now that ladies and gents is what I call skill. Read more!

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