Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Life Is A Photoshoot

For Mischa Barton, life is a photoshoot. She didn't let a flat tire stop her from looking like a runway model, here she is in Los Angeles looking picture perfect. Read more!

See The Difference?

What a difference between a clothed, pale and poofy haired John and a shirtless, wet John. Now I see why he gets so much action! Just keep your clothes off and your hair flat, you look sexy! Read more!


Seeing Lindsay Lohan during the day is like seeing a vampire during the day, shocking! She looks decent, probably hiding her dilated pupils beneath her large, bug-eyed glasses. Read more!

Who Me?

Hilary Duff lives in LA, but judging from how damn pale she is, you'd never know it! The teen star looks shocked in the second picture, maybe she saw a mirror! Read more!

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