Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Baby Spice Round Two

Scary Spice has welcomed a new child into this world, a beautiful 5lb 4oz baby girl. I hope Scary Spice proves Eddie is the father and milks that scumbag for every penny he is (not) worth. Read more!

Still Toxic?

Now that Britney Spears is out of rehab, lots of people are rooting for her – including producer Sean Garrett.

"I'm working with Britney," Garrett told PEOPLE on Saturday at the Kids' Choice Awards. "It's really coming together right now. I know she'll do exceptionally well now that she's out of rehab."

Garrett, who has produced tracks for Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and Mary J. Blige, among others, had been working with Spears on five songs for her upcoming album before she checked into Malibu's Promises treatment center on Feb. 20.

The sound on the new disk, he told PEOPLE Saturday, "is like 'Toxic' times 10. It's going to be a lot of fun and it's really exciting. We did a lot of great work before her break."

Garrett also said he has no doubt Spears will emerge from her recent experience stronger than ever. "Britney is a superstar," he said. "She definitely knows how to handle herself, but it's tough sometimes. The pressure sometimes gets to you, but I think she has done such a great job keeping her composure under the circumstances."


Well Brit's Toxic days were definitely her hottest, bring it on! Read more!


Judging from these photographs, the Emporio Armani party was pretty lame and was swarmed by Z-listers. Adam Brody is such a cutie, but unfortunately, his career may be up. We're rooting for you Adam! Read more!

LAX action

DJ AM's birthday was Sunday and Lindsay Lohan had really been neglecting that club, spending all of her time at Winstons, Teddy's and PARC. Lohan really is a sad case. As if her bright blonde hair and scent of cigarettes and booze wasn't enough to draw attention to her, she still pulls out all the stops. It is so obvious she was neglected as a child. Read more!

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