Sunday, April 1, 2007

Another Night, Another Party

Lindsay Lohan is still partying. Last night she hit Winston's and Teddy's. Doesn't the girl have, I don't know, A JOB?!? Read more!

What's Happened?

What has happened to our beautiful, no, gorgeous, Jessica Alba? We all know she has been boring, but she has never been so drab! Please come back to us! Jessica Alba attended the KCA looking painfully dull. Read more!

She's Not The Only Spears!

Britney's younger sister, Jamie-Lynn Spears looked beautiful last night at The Kids' Choice Awards. She looks like a young Britney, a prettier Britney. Let us hope she doesn't turn out like Britney! Read more!

Still A Kid

The Kids' Choice Awards were last night and one of the many attendees was Hilary Duff.

Dear Hilary,
Fire your make-up artist. And your hairstylist. And your stylist. Just fire everybody! Read more!

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