Thursday, March 29, 2007

So let us pretend

Star Jones and Ivana Trump make quite the vomit-inducing couple. The two, seen here, were at The Winter Music Conference 2007. So say you had to be locked in a room with one of them.. who would you choose? Read more!


Some people should not wear bikinis. I am not even talking about Kelly Clarkson who is seen in the black coverup. Kelly is vacationing in Hawaii with her SEXY friends. Hope they don't raid the minibar, that'll cost a fortune! At least Kelly knows when to flaunt it, after she has hit the gym. Her friends on the other hand... Read more!


Lindsay Lohan's constant often overshadows the fact that she has an amazing body! Nice legs and even some junk in the trunk! Lalohan got a manicure yesterday and looked happy and healthy. Its such a rarity that we see her out before 11 PM. Read more!


Mark Wahlberg was at the Madrid photocall for his new movie "Shooter." How gorgeous! This is definitely number one on the list of movies I want to go see. Read more!

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