Thursday, March 22, 2007


Ahhh.. Narcissism at its greatest. Sienna Miller, the face of PePe Jeans revels in her own beauty behind her in London on Thursday. If I had a billboard of my face, I'm sure I'd be all over it too! Read more!

How Unfortunate

Sarah Jessica Parker attended Esquire's launch of its "Tap Project" yesterday. She really is an unfortunate case. Such a hideous face that no amount of make-up can fix. At least she seems nice. Read more!

Christina Is Radiant

Christina Aguilera looked absolutely radiant hosting the 8th Annual Nylon Magazine Event on Tuesday. Gorgeous and divatastic as always, lay off the oompa loompa spray! Read more!

Lack OF Press

We all know that Lindsay Lohan hasn't been in the news much lately. It's not as if she wasn't followed EVERYWHERE she went in New York City. Lindsay is back in LA and she had to make her presence known! Of course, a press hungry starlet goes to the Ivy. Here she is looking sooo nonchalant. Read more!

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