Sunday, March 18, 2007


Avril Lavigne, the semi-famous poser has been in London promoting her new awful singer, "Girlfriend". Look at the converse, this girl is sooo punk rock! Read more!

Trying A Little Too Hard

Lindsay Lohan went out last night, I see the looks of surprised on your faces! I think Lindsay really tries a bit too hard. Check out the bling on her ears though, at least she wears nice jewelry.

PS Put some pants on! Read more!

Lindsay Lohan: Trendsetter

We're sure Lindsay Lohan spent the night of St. Patricks Day getting drunk, but she spent the day working some of her ridiculous trends. The gray leggings for one, are not for her body type! The ugly boots are not for any body type. The towel on the head is not for anyone unless of course it is your religion. Read more!

How Gross!

Travis Barker and his on again off again are back together. How repulsive is Shanna Moakler's new hair cut? What is even worse is the horrible party guests. How lame can a party be? Read more!

Oh My God

Words escape me. What is this woman thinking. She isn't exactly the most attractive woman on the planet, so why on earth would she draw attention to herself. The horrible shoes, the cheap manicure, the disgusting lipgloss. I give her credit for trying to work the trend of high waisted pants, but they still look horrible. At least she sobered up. Read more!

Wicked Witch Of The West

Ashley Olsen is indeed a style icon! Let us hope this trend doesn't stick. All she is missing is a broomstick and she will be good to go. Read more!

Its Back

Paris Hilton also celebrated St. Patricks day by dining at Trader Vick restaraunt on Saturday. Judging by the prominence of the wonky eye, she celebrated in style! Read more!

A Very Hilton Birthday

Paris Hilton attended Kathy Hilton's birthday at a restaraunt on Friday, there was no Nicky Hilton is sight! Even at her mother's birthday party, it is still all about her! Read more!

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