Saturday, March 17, 2007

How Adorable!

Eva Longoria took time out of her day to visit the recently new mother of twins, Marcia Cross at her Hollywood home.

PS Eva, never leave home without heels, ever !! Read more!

Paris Parties

Back in Los Angeles, Paris Hilton is holding the club scene down, partying with Nicky Hilton and look who's in the background! I really like her outfit, except for those ridiculous gloves of course. Isn't she filming? Nothing better than a Simple Life episode where Paris has a hangover! Read more!

The Face of Sobriety

Does this look like the face of sobriety to you? Partying every night since she arrived in New York, Lindsay made no exception Thursday night! I must say, the stockings make her legs look a very odd shade, maybe she is trying to hide her orange complexion. Read more!

Party Crashers

Hilary Duff and Haylie Duff were at last reunited on Wednesday night at Eva Longoria's birthday celebration and face of Bebe Sport celebration. Well this picture makes it very evident that Hilary has gained weight and I think its great. She is looking less horsely by the day! Her sister on the other hand.. Read more!

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