Friday, March 16, 2007

Isn't It Sexy?

Isn't plastic sexy? Ashlee Simpson is back in New York City recording and I'm sure that will be a great success! Go back to Texas and join a line dancing crew! Get out of Hollywood! Read more!

After her failed relationship with Justin Timberlake, do you think Cameron is trying to dig her claws into Jude Law? Here, the two appeared at The Holiday premiere in Tokyo. Jude Law should take hair piece advice from John Travolta! Read more!


Fergie finally made it to London after being denied because she was intoxicated. She looks gross as always, but she can always use the old "I'm hungover" excuse! Read more!


Do you hate Lindsay Lohan's shoes or do you hate them? Yeah, they are pretty horrible! Lindsay Lohan stopped at Papas for some food, I guess she has switched from coke to weed and now she has the munchies! Read more!

Still Fugly

Knowing that Lindsay Lohan is away in New York for awhile, Kimberley Stewart hoped the paparazzi would follow her instead. She went to Winston's last night and I'm sure they were just waiting for Paris and Nicole and just happened to see her. Worthless and fugly! Read more!

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