Monday, March 12, 2007

They Are Gone!

I am happy to report that LaLohan has finally ditched the blue contacts. She has such gorgeous natural eyes, there is no reason to Paris Hilton-ify yourself! The next step? Loose the horrible spray tan and blonde hair! I know she doesn't like her freckles, but there must be a less orange alternative. Read more!

Big Girls Need Love

The backlash of Jennifer HUdson has already begun, people are getting tired of her which happens to every star. Here she is at the 21st Annual Soul Train Music Awards. She needs a new stylist, preferably one who caters to bigger girls. She needs a new bra, one that doesn't make her breasts look so flabby! ANd I know black is slimming BUT.. Read more!

Cuz Shes Classy!

Our very favorite and classy Paris Hilton went out with trashier friend Elisha Cuthbert two nights ago. If Elisha wanted to be famous like Paris, she should take the subtle approach a la Paris! It would work well! Read more!

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