Friday, March 9, 2007

The Odd Couple

NicJoel, my favorite new Hollywood couple was spotted buying groceries in Beverly Hills Wednesday. Nicole Richie actually was wearing comfy looking clothes and it looks like they were working out. Just what Nicole needs! Read more!

Simple Is Better

Mischa Barton has been spotted wearing some pretty horrid outfits lately which is why I am quite pleased to see her wearing a more normal outfit. The hat pretty much sucks, I will let it slide. Read more!

The Ugly Duffling

While Hilary is enjoying her time in Milan, her sister, whom affectionately call the ugly Duffling, is in Miami partying. Seems like a great party, Haylie *sarcasm*. Read more!

Meanwhile In LA

Meanwhile in Los Angeles, LaLohan continued to show off her new locks, this time at LAX, not the club the airport! This has been the first time she hasn't been out since leaving rehab, baby steps! Read more!

The Teeth Are In Check

Hilary Duff is finally coming into her own, not too horse-ish and not too chubby. The teen starlet posed at her "Dignity" album presentation in Milan. Read more!

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