Friday, March 2, 2007

Take Tips Paris!

Paris Hilton should definitely take some fashion hints from her buddy Nicole Richie. The always stylish Richie got coffee for two in Beverly Hills Wednesday. Read more!

Braless Linday

Maybe she isn't that boring. Lindsay Lohan went to LA hotspot Les Deux. Apparently she has given up her booze and her bras. Freedom! Read more!

La Lohan Is Boring

My favorite "IT" girl has gotten quite boring since her stint in rehab and I think thats good! In rehearsals for her movie, she attended another strip class at Sheila Kelly's S Factor. Thank god she was taking these heinous clothes off! Read more!

Look Forward To This

Behold, Keira Knightley in 25 years! Keira went shopping with her mother in London on Monday looking boring. The haircut is not cute. Read more!

The Perfect Couple

Does it get any better? Kate Moss and Pete Doherty appeared at the NME Awards yesterday. This is the perfect couple. Not drama-filled at all. I am surprised they could make an appearance together between his rehab stints, their break-ups and them both being high out of their minds. Read more!

Who Is Cuter?

How adorable! Nothing cuter than I man who loves his kid. Shiloh will have to treasure this time with her father because Angelina has officially adopted another baby from Vietnam! Read more!

Pretty Girls Don't Always Get It Right

Beyonce premiered a new video on TRL Wednesday looking less than stellar. THe outfit was hideous and her hair.. not so much. At least her face looked nice! Read more!

If Snow White Was Blonde..

She would be Paris Hilton! A more sluttier version of course! Paris certainly isn't trying to lay low after her run-in with the police Tuesday night. Read more!

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