Friday, February 23, 2007

Gwen Is A Great Mother

Look at Gwen, she is a role model for other celebrities to emulate. Gwen has the time to balance her marriage with her adorable son and her career. Here she is pictured in London bringing little Kingston out to lunch.. so cute! Read more!

Michelle Rodriguez Hangs With Her Bitches

In her own words, she is "so misunderstood." At least her bitches get her! Read more!

Drew Looks A Hot Mess

Drew hiked with friends in Hawaii yesterday and well.. she looked like shit. In all fairness, it is her birthday and I guess on your birthday you are allowed to stuff your face and look horrible. Read more!

Don't You Forget About Me

Former Dancing With The Stars Champion, Stacy Keibler, tries to extend her 15 minutes which ended a long time ago by attending the Vanity Fair Amped Concert. Sorry Stacy! Read more!

Mischa Is Wild

Mischa Barton has some taste! Since she can no longer afford shopping at stores such as Saks or Chanel, Mischa has resorted to raiding her mothers closet and wearing things she wore in the 80's. Oh Mischa! Read more!

Where Can I Get Some

Mischa Barton was spotted by photogs smoking a peculiar looking "cigarette" in Los Angeles. More power to you Mischa, she probably borrowed from Nicole Richie's stash! Read more!

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