Wednesday, February 21, 2007

LaLohan Parties Some More

Here are new pictures of Lindsay partying (again) at Hollywood's newest hotspot Winston's. Lets hope she doesn't turn out like Britney, although I do admit, she would be interesting bald! And for god sakes Lindsay, you have beautiful eyes, take those contacts out! Read more!

Take My Picture I'm Pretty!

The always gorgeous Christina Milian shined on the red carpet of GM's 6th annual TEN event. Christina is such a gorgeous girl and she knows how to dress, it's too bad her career isn't doing very well.

PS Love the fendi shoes! Read more!

Denise Richards Skanks It Up

The man stealer attended GM's LA Fashion Show. How much botox did this bitch get?? Read more!

What's A Girl To Do?

Fresh out of rehab, Lindsay Lohan has gone out five nights in a row alternating between Teddy's and new hotspot Winston's. Just last night, Lindsay was seen leaving Teddy's with Jackass star Steve-O in the back seat. What could be better for a recovering alcoholic than a little bit of time with Steve-O? Read more!

Life As An It Girl Is Rough

Nicole Richie was out in Malibu on Monday wearing her signature bug-eyed sunglasses. Other than that, she looked adorable. Please Nicole, your face is gorgeous, don't cover it with those heinous glasses! Read more!

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