Monday, February 19, 2007

Guess The Stripper Shoes?

Which star was sporting stripper shoes over the weekend?

Click HERE For The Answer! Read more!

Hayden Panetierre Walks The Dogs

"Heroes" star Hayden Panetierre walked her dogs in West Hollywood earlier this week. Hayden is a cute girl but I just have one thing to say. Leave the skinny jeans for your friends Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. Wear jeans that are flattering and flaunt your curves in a good way. Read more!

Paris Isn't Aging Well

Paris Hilton celebrated her 26th birthday on Saturday (She's ancient!) at the Hard Rock Hotel looking.. weathered. Sources say that Paris was making out with two men, Stavros Niarchos and Brandon Davis. They also say the three shared a hotel room, can you say threesome? Read more!

Real Rockers Unite

In this time and age of whack artists, it is so refreshing to see the real rockers of this era. The future icons! Read more!

First Annual Two Kings Dinner

The celebs came out for the First Annual Two Kings Dinner. Kim Kardashian looked the same as she always does, Christina Aguilera showed off her extremely gorgeous husband and Beyonce dined with Jay-Z and Diddy. What a night! Read more!

Back So Soon, Lindsay?

What does a girl fresh out of "rehab" do? Go out partying to celebrate of course! Maybe Lindsay was jealous that Britney was getting all the media attention. She looks cute and very proud of herself. I wonder if she borrowed those contacts from Paris? Read more!

Queen Latifah Wants An NBA Wife

The match is so fitting. Queen Latifah came to the NBA wives' dinner in the hopes of scoring a hot goldding chick. Yum! Read more!

No Longer Fabulous

Kim Catrall attended the Laurence Olivier Awards and now we all see why the Sex and The City movie has been delayed. Who wants to look at that? Maybe it's menopause. Read more!

What Connects Eva And 50?

What connects Eva Longoria and 50 Cent? Their love of Vitamin Water of course! The two walked the red carpet and played in a celebrity poker event at the MGM Grand. Read more!

So She Does Smile!

What a shock! When being followed by paparazzi while with her children at Disneyland, she smiles! What an attention whore. Read more!

So Celebs Still Go To Hyde?

Who is that Mischa? The former "O.C" actress left Hyde looking very happy with a mystery man who is kinda cute! Upgrade! Read more!

Brooke Hogan Tries To Be An It Girl

Brooke Hogan tries so hard but it is always so wrong. Where should an aspiring "it" girl go? To a T-Mobile Sidekick party of course! But not looking like this! The big thing is the red lipstick draws attention to the face and for her, thats a no no. The dress of course is hideous, but would you expect anything less? Read more!

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