Friday, February 16, 2007

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

Kimberley Stewart (who is she?), Naomi Campbell and Mariah Carey all came to the Pinko Cocktail party last night. Kim went home after she realized she didn't deserve to be graced with the presence of such divas. Read more!

Mischa Barton Saves Money

The fresh faced starlet picture above was spotted at CostCo making some purchases. Poor Mischa, being unemployed is rough. She's a pretty girl, release a sex tape! Read more!

Kimora Lee Simmons The Narcissist

Kimora Lee Simmons promoted her brand "Baby Phat Juniors" yesterday at Macy's dressed head to toe in the line. Simmons posed in front of a large picture of-who else- herself. Kimora, you are 30 something years old, stop raiding the Juniors closet and find something more age-appropriate. Read more!

Nicole Richie Officially Charged

Nicole Richie has been officially charged with Misdemeanor DUI charge stemming from her arrest in early December. Nicole is due in court on Wednesday, good luck bitch! Can't you just imagine how Nicole could make the orange jumpsuit chic? Loves it! Read more!

Scarlett Is Studious

Scarlett Johansson attended Harvard for the Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year ceremony. She looks classy and sophisticated, surely not the type to have sex in elevators with older men. Read more!

Paris Hilton Tries To Fool Us

Paris Hilton attended the Vienna Opera Ball on Thursday. See, what Paris is trying to do is make us believe she is a classy heiress who doesn't do dirty things. Nice try Paris, you do look nice! Read more!

Britney Spears Enters Rehab?

Of course, this information is not yet confirmed.
Britney Spears is entering a rehab facility, the entertainment television show "Extra" is reporting.

Spears was last seen leaving New York City two nights ago on a private jet with her two young sons heading to Miami. Then, she disappeared off the paparazzi radar.

Spears decision to enter rehab comes after months of hard partying and friends having reached out to her to seek help.

Spears' reps told "Extra" that they have "no comment." Read more!

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