Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Beyonce Steals The Cover

The problem with Beyonce is that she is TOO gorgeous. I'm sure the models were pissed to have the coveted position of the cover to be stolen by a girl who isn't a size -6. Release the haters! Read more!

Hilary Dating A Baseball Player

Is it possible that Hilary Duff and Athletics pitcher Barry Zito are dating? A better question is how the hell do they hang out in the same circles? Read more!

Ashlee Wasn't Invited

The poor girl wasn't invited to the Grammys because she lacked the necessary talent, but she did get to go to the Sony BMG Grammy Party. Ashlee, your sister went brunette, that means you have to as well! Read more!

She's A Barbie Girl

Tara Reid showed up to the Sony-BMG Grammy Party looking like an ugly barbie. Okay, she doesn't look that bad, but the visions of her on the beach and her countless drunken nights haunt me. Imagine that it takes Fergie 4 hours to get her mask on, it must take this bitch 7! Read more!

Hilary Duff Is Classy

Oh Hilary, please stop trying so hard, that is not fashion! For such a wealthy little girl, you look like you belong on the corner, please, go back home and play with your barbies, you aren't Paris Hilton. Read more!

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