Monday, February 12, 2007

Everyone's Favorite Oompa Loompa

Everybody's favorite Oompa Loompa performed at the Grammys. The girl killed the performance, but I am sure PETA wasn't too pleased by the poodle on her head. She also revealed that she is actually white by the tan line on her wrist! Read more!

Beyonce Wears A Dress We've Possibly Seen Before

Beyonce showed up to the Grammys afterparty wearing this. Being an Adriana Lima fan, I remembered seeing a similar dress on another gorgeous girl and wondering why she wore so much on such a great body. Then I remembered that she wore it to the premiere of Dreamgirls. Maybe Beyonce saw it and loved it? Read more!

Jessica and John at a Grammys Afterparty

Well, they do look genuinely happy, I think he is too much of a player for Jessica. Bets on how soon they break up?

PS Love her hair! Read more!

Brooke Hogan At The Grammys

Why was Hulk Hogan invited to the Grammys? He sings? Oh.. sorry.

On a more serious note, Brooke Hogan looks like she belongs in the Barnum & Bailey Circus Read more!

Juliette Lewis At Rodeo Drive Walk of Style Awards

I thought this was the Walk of STYLE, who invited her? More importantly, who cares? Read more!

Rihanna and Zac Posen

Talk about a fivehead! People always hate on Tyra, but she has nothing on this girl! Rihanna looks like a poor mans Beyonce if you ask me. Read more!

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