Monday, January 22, 2007

Prison Break Tonight!

So maybe he is gay? I think "happy" is the better term.Even if he is, we can still appreciate his beauty. He is a bit pretty though. Read more!

A Natural Beauty

With women like Adriana Lima and Jessica Alba in the world, it is often hard to find natural beauty. Enter Lil' Kim. It is just so refreshing to see beauty like her still exists. Read more!

Tara Reid Is Poor

With not a good movie coming out in a very long time, Tara is probably a bit strapped for cash. So it is quite understandable why she jump at the chance to get free things. She attended the Gibson Guitar & Entertainment Tonight Freebie Lodge for what else, freebies! I am not a fan and probably never will be, but I admit, she looks like she tried. Read more!

Paris Hilton Is Not Natural

That is spray tanning gone bad. Paris Hilton was out getting some grub and displaying a less than favorable tan. Well, tan isn't the correct word, I'm thinking more of an orange. Proof that all the money in the world can't buy good taste. Read more!

They're baaaack!

In new couples news, DJ AM and Mandy Moore made another public outing, this time at The Sundance Film Festival. I must admit, DJ AM looks a bit worn out, maybe Mandy is keeping him up? Read more!


I apologize for my lack of posts, I have been extremely busy as of late. As an apology, here are a bunch of new posts! Read more!

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