Sunday, January 14, 2007

My, What Lovely Teeth You Have

Wow, I never realized how large Jessica Biel's teeth were. Maybe she should just stick to smiling with her mouth closed. She was on the red carpet for the Critic's Choice Awards where she presented an award. Read more!

Wow Keira Has Gained Weight!

Just kidding. Wearing huge baggy pants isn't going to hide the fact that this girl is a twig. It was a valiant attempt though. Keira was out and about in London with her mother (how fabulous is she?) Read more!

Jake Gyllenhaal On SNL

Jake Gyllenhaal was on SNL last night and he was hilarious! Here is the opening number in case you missed it.

Read more!

Rachel McAdams Is Boring

Rachel obviously has realized that she is boring. She probably figured the only way people would actually take notice to her was if she stood out. Well honey, people took notice, but not in a good way. Read more!

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