Saturday, January 13, 2007

Britney Takes SPF To The Park

What are some signs that Britney isn't a natural parent? What other mother have you seen who wears heels to the sandbox? She's trying to convince us that she is a good mother. Not very practical and not very convincing.

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Hilary Duff Has Transformed

Remember about a year ago when Hilary Duff looked scary? I must say, she is truly growing up. Joel Madden does wonders on girls, getting with Nicole made her look great and leaving Hilary made her look great! Hilary was at the opening of David Yurman Boutique. Read more!

Work It Kelly

Kelly Clarkson walked out of the house like that? Well to be honest it doesn't even look like she could afford a house in that attire. I give her credit for trying to layer her clothing. A big emphasis on TRYING. She should really wear make-up.. always!

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Paris Is Not The Hottie

Paris Hilton is still hard at work in L.A filming her new movie "The Hottie And The Nottie" (that will probably go straight to DVD). Unfortunately for fans, there have not been any sightings of the Hottie at this point. Also, she is still carrying that book around. Silly Paris, just because you carry a book does not mean you can read! Read more!

Lohan Vs. Trachtenburg

Who do you think would win? We've all seen Lindsay Lohan in action and she does have mad skills. In case you haven't watch this clip of LL boxing.

Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan surprised onlookers when she lashed out at actress Michelle Trachtenberg in public.
Lohan blasted Trachtenberg, who starred as Dawn Summeres in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", at the Miami Beach's Shore Club, reports
An eyewitness said: "Those two hate each other, and Lohan started screaming, 'Get her the (bleep) outta here! She was threatening to get physical and actually fight Trachtenberg, saying, 'I'll kick her!' "

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