Friday, January 12, 2007

Lindsay Lohan And Cameron Diaz Need Press

Who is that clown above me?

Lindsay Lohan and Cameron Diaz are desperately in need of press. Its not like Lindsay had an "appendectomy" less than a week ago and it's not like Cameron just went through a high profile break-up. What's a girl to do when she need press? Wear a see through top of course! The ladies were out Thursday night for Chanel Les Exclusifs Party hosted by Sienna Miller at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles. Read more!

The Davis Brothers Are Genetically Blessed

No, thats not Rosie O'Donnell in drag. That is the more attractive brother of Brandon Davis.Nearly impossible, you thought? Here is proof that money doesn't buy good looks (or pro-activ) , just a few too many spring rolls and too much caviar. Read more!

Britney Spears Is Stressed

Obviously, her nails look like shit because she is stressed. What could be her stressors? Possibly CPS hounding her because they feel she is an unfit mother? Or maybe its because her dirt bag soon to be ex-husband is willing to SELL his children to her for 50 million dollars?

Flynet Online Read more!

Rachel Bilson Is Adorable

Not everyone is a Mischa Barton fan like me, but how can you hate Rachel Bilson? She's not an in your face celebrity trying to get photographed everywhere and she is pretty lowkey. Here she wears a cute little frock that not many could pull off. Read more!

James Brown's Son Not In His Will.

In rather sad news, James Brown's own son is not in his will. Its not his fault he has a quack of a mother, you don't choose your parents! Read more!

Where Did Lindsay Get Her Class?

In rather disgusting news, Dina Lohan put on a show for diners at Kobe. Since I'd rather not divulge in all the dirty details, read them here. Read more!

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