Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Eva Longoria Is A Midget

She is the prettiest midget I've ever seen. Okay, so she's not really a midget, she just was unfortunate enough to stand next to a rather large tall woman in Queen Latifah (5'10) and Vince Vaughn (6'5). You must admit, it looks pretty funny! Read more!

Tara Reid Tries Really Hard To Look Good

Lately, Tara Reid has really been trying to look her best. She appears to have bathed and shed those extra pounds she gained from being drunk or hungover all of the time. In true Tara fashion, something had to look bad and today, it was her hair. Tara Reid was in Australia for a paid appearance. Read more!

Lindsay Gets The Munchies!

Lindsay Lohan apparently got the munchies and went out with some friends to get ice cream. Nice bag, Paris was recently seen toting a similar LV bag. I wonder if she borrowed it from Paris? Not likely. Read more!

The Feud Won't End!

In news that everyone is sick of, today on The View, Barbara Walters, the normally composed veteran jumped to Rosie's defense calling Donald Trump a poor, pathetic man. This better be doing wonders for The View because I'm sick of hearing about it. Read more!

Kelly Osbourne Would Like To Be In Playboy

Oh dear lord, please help us. Kelly Osbourne told Closer Magazine she would like to appear nude in Playboy. The reality star recently slimmed down from a size 14 to a size 10.
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Dave Matthews To Guest Star On House

Dave Matthews is set to appear on the Fox drama house, the episode is expected to air in March!
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Cameron Braves The Public

In her first public appearance since being dumped by Justin Timberlake, Cameron Diaz looked fine. I will admit, she is definitely not up to JT standards.

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Halle Berry Could Be The Skinniest Pregnant Person

Halle Berry looked skinny at The People's Choise Award, she probably isn't pregnant and just wanted to get people speculating. It wouldn't be the first time!

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Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood??

What an odd couple! I never saw this one coming.
Rocker Marilyn Manson is romantically involved with 19-year-old actress Evan Rachel Wood, sources close to the situation tell PEOPLE.

The sources say his relationship with the Thirteen actress was a factor in the Dec. 29 divorce filing by Dita Von Teese, 34, Manson's wife of one year.

"Dita is heartbroken, she didn't see this coming," says a source close to the burlesque dancer and MAC cosmetics model. "His partying contributed to the split as well."

Manson, 38, and Wood have been friends for some time. According to his official Web site, Manson first met Wood when he asked her to be in his upcoming horror film, Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll.

In addition, she posed for a watercolor that he painted, and attended the opening of his new Hollywood art gallery, the Celebritarian Corporation Gallery of Fine Art, last Halloween.

"It came as kind of a shock," Wood told Rolling Stone about being asked to pose. "I was beyond flattered."

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