Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Nicole gains weight, enjoys Cabo with Joel

Nicole definitely looks better than those shocking pictures from June. Her and Joel look comfortable together, can she rub off some of her fashionista on him so he will get out of the same clothes?

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Ladies Night

Stomp The Yard premiered and the ladies stole the spotlight. Such stars as Gabrielle Union, Meagan Goode and Tia Mowry looked stunning. Read more!

Lindsay Lohan Likes Sloppy Seconds

I love me some LL, but the girl is moving 100 MPH. She reportedly got her appendix removed and the next day it was hard partying for Lindsay. Saturday, she was spotted chain-smoking and smooching ex Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker! Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton do have one thing in common, their men! Read more!

Gisele Hangs Out With Leonardo's Mom

I guess Leonardo Dicaprio's mom is not a Bar Rafaeli fan? The two hung out on the beach and played with Gisele's dogs. Read more!

Britney Spears Prefers Her Bikini

Britney Spears spent part of the weekend on the boat of her rich K-Fed wannabe. Other people are being harsh, it's true she doesn't have her figure back, but considering she had two children in a year, I think the pictures are fantastic! (At least she's wearing bottoms) Her hair still looks like a mop though. Read more!

Paris Hilton and Britney Spears Suck At Dressing

Not surprisingly, the two starlets shared the number one spot as Mr. Blackwell's worst dressed celebrities of the year. Read more!

Donald and Rosie Won't Shutup!

Yet again, Donald Trump is making an ass of himself. This time her wrote a letter to her.

"Dear Rosie,

I hope you had a wonderful vacation with your wife -- you needed the rest.

An article in today's New York Post indicates that you blew up at BARBARA WALTERS for being a 'liar.' Actually, I don't blame you, but in fact she lied to both of us! After your maniacal and foolish rant against me two weeks ago, Barbara called me from her vacation (I did not call her) in order to apologize for your behavior. She had heard that I was going to retaliate against you and tried to talk me out of it. She very much wanted me to go on the show as soon as she got back so that she could 'patch things up' (I said no). To be exact, she said that 'working with her is like living in hell' and, more pointedly, 'Donald, never get into the mud with pigs' and, 'don't worry, she won't be here for long.' Barbara knows exactly what she told me over the phone and she has to live with it. Perhaps that's why her initial statement was so mild!

In another incident, when I saw her eating at Le Cirque about two months ago and asked how 'Rosie was doing,' she sarcastically rolled her eyes and said 'Donald, do you have to ruin my meal.'

In any event, you have a good reason to be angry. Please give my warmest regards to Kelly!

Donald J. Trump


I was surprised that you let your spat with Barbara get into the newspapers, but, as I have always said and as you proved with Rosie, the magazine, you are very self destructive. You must work on this for your own good!" Read more!

Brangelina Are Not Real People

The lovebirds were at the premiere of God Grew Tired of Us: The Story of Lost Boys of Sudan for which Brad served as the executive producer. The two are sinply too perfect to be real, they look like wax figures.

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DJ AM's New Girl?

DJ AM was seen around town with none other than Mandy Moore. The two looked awful cozy which has sparked rumors that they are dating. Obviously, DJ AM like variety, Mandy is like 4 feet taller than Nicole Richie.

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Halle Berry Pregnant?

Halle Berry stepped out on the town sporting what appeared to be a little bulge. The loose shirt only fueled rumors that Ms. Halle was hiding a baby bump. For months now, people have been speculating that Halle and model boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry are trying to have a baby. One things for certain, it will be the hottest baby since Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt Read more!

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