Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hey Britain!

According to a report in The Mirror the pop star was forced to take refuge in a toilet after she was asked to leave the VIP area of the festival by the supermodel.

Moss allegedly had a strop when she saw the Girls Aloud star sat on her table at the music event, telling friends: "Who are these people? There's too many of them. I'm not going in there, no chance. Get them out!"

The singer was reportedly so distraught at Moss' demands that she went off crying. A source said: "Sarah looked really upset and scurried off to lock herself in the toilet."

Organisers tried to get the star to leave the cubicles by apologising for the model's actions. The source revealed: "Sarah was really upset and kept saying, 'What have I done?' She refused to come out. No amount of apologising was going to budge her."

The spat between the two celebrities didn't finish there, with the insider adding: "Organisers made sure there was always a table between them and Sarah was kept away from Kate who was giving her evil looks all night."

I personally have very limited knowledge of the band Girls Aloud, but I've had several British readers write in to this site, so this is for you!

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