Saturday, June 2, 2007

Crazy Lindsay

Pictures have surfaced of Lindsay Lohan with none other than Vanessa Minillo in some sory of coked out, boozed up knife escapade. This happened a few months ago! All I have to say is.. how random and odd! Who knew Samantha Ronson wasn't Lindsay's first girlfriend? I wonder what Nick would have to say about this!



Lana said...

wow crazy hoes

Anonymous said...

ll is mad hot, nice abs

Anonymous said...

I thought those two absolutely hated one another.

Anonymous said...

This did not happen a few months ago. If you had any sort of a brain and did your research instead of just jacking info from you would know that these were actually taken a year ago. June 15, 2006 to be exact.

You're pathetic.

Anonymous said...

To the rude bastard who posted at 11:10 AM:

If you had a brain you would see that the source for this mess was listed.

Do you think all celeb news springs out of PerezHilton's ass?

You're actually the pathetic one.

Anonymous said...

anon 11:55, do you think those pics came from perez hilton? if you took the time to read there is a source there, and that source says the same damn thing, think before typing.

Jonne Austin said...

If the "error" upsets you so much anon 11:10 AM then go write your own f_ckin' blog. I mean really you're reading for a reason right. EVEN MAJOR PUBLICATIONS make errors and print retractions. Going out of YOUR way to call this blogger "pathetic" under anonymity means that you're a b!tch and a punk. Have something to say? Say it then but don't be a bitch. I'm sure your one of Pigez Felch-ton's dingleberry fanatics. If you really want someone to insult go tell your boy Perez to get his feet transplanted. They look like rejected sausages off the line.

Anonymous said...

Ugggh! Stop bickering and comment on the fucking pictures!

1) Pics are real and there's proof

2) Most of the bloggers have the details a bit off. The pics (in keeping with the proof pics) come from last summer. Oh well, mistakes do happen.

Anonymous said...

(full url from the above post)

Anonymous said...

***PEOPLE!! HELLO! this photo was taken at Sean Lennon's house in NYC on June 15, 2006 I know I was there! Vanessa Lohan and several of us went to his house after our night at Bungalow 8 we met Lindsay there after on of her paid gigs. This was during a game of "truth or dare"! These photos are nothing to the real shit that went down!

I posted this comment on the Perez Hilton blog but he has some sort of approval system and never approved it! He is probably buddies with Sean Lennon or has sort of gay crush!

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