Monday, February 26, 2007

Paris Hilton Throws (Yet Another) Birthday Party

Paris Hilton threw yet another birthday party on Saturday night and had a birthday dinner on Sunday night at Beverly Hills Prime Grill. Among the attendees were NicJoel, Kathy and Rick Hilton, Courtney and Frances Love, Paula Abdul and Stavros Niarchos.

PS Geez! If at the wrong angle, Paris looks rough!! Read more!

A Classy Woman

Jenna Jameson is so beautiful! She doesn't look a day over 59! Her lips so plump and natural looking! What a babe! Read more!

Beyonce Is More Than A Pretty Face

Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson and Anika Rose performed at the 79th Annual Oscar Awards with a showstopping performance from Dreamgirls. Beyonce definitely silenced the haters and proved that she could hold her own to Jennifer Hudson. Congratulations to all!

..> Read more!

Christina Milian Doing What She Does Best

She may not do much of anything anymore, but she looks good doing it! Christina Milian shined at Vibe's Pre-Oscar party. Read more!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

That Other Queen

Queen Latifah certainly cleans up nicely and she knows how to wear her bling! Although I admit it isn't risky, thats not who the Queen is.

PS Love the Fendi Bag! Read more!

Simple Yet Elegant

At first glance, this dress is wonderful. I love the bare neckline. Upon further inspection, you can see the pattern which is reminiscent of a wedding dress or tablecloth. It is very simple and it works for her, so work it Anne Hathaway! Read more!

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy!

Mark Wahlberg and his beautiful lady friend attended the Oscars and he looked dapper as to be expected. Yum Yum, take it off! Read more!

Not So Fast

Alas, Jessica Biel has gotten too big for her britches. With all the recent praise of her style and body, she probably assumed that she could wear anything. WRONG! This dress is just not working, if her trademark is her body, she needs to show it off and wear something that shows it off in a better light. Nice try. Read more!

Kirsten Dunst Is A Dunce

Nothing is right about this outfit. The fit, the hair, the make-up. It is one big fashion don't! Read more!

Single Ladies Shine

Cameron Diaz and Reese Witherspoon have both come off of recent splits glowing. While I think all the layering on both dresses is a bit too much, I love the hair on both of them and the overall fit of the gowns. I love the coloration of Reese's dress. Read more!

The Oscar Report

Jennifer Hudson looked like a space alien wearing a horrible silver top, possibly to cover up her fat upper arms (I kid, I kid!!) What can I say? Too much accesorizing, too much hair. Maybe the brown gown looks good by itself.

Beyonce Knowles has many haters and I am sure a lot of people will have complaints about the dress, but I think she looks beautiful as always. Read more!

Everyones Favorite

Everyone's favorite OC cutie, Rachel Bilson attended the Independent Spirit Awards looking adorable as always. Hopefully she gets more jobs and doesn't become known solely for the OC. Read more!

Every Red Carpet Needs Balance

Every red carpet needs a balance. There was plenty of hotness going around at the Giorgio Armani Prive event in Los Angeles and George Clooney just contributed to that. Enter Kelly Osbourne. I know the effort was there, but it just wasn't working. A for effort! Read more!

He Knows He's Sexy

Also in attendance at the Armani party was Oscar nominee, Leonardo DiCaprio. Look in his eyes.. he knows he is sexy! Read more!

B and P and Armani

Beyonce Knowles and Penelope Cruz posed together at the Armani Prive event. Beyonce wore a sparkly black dress and showed off her new hair do. I guess the black underneath didn't suit her. Read more!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Grandson Brings His Grandma Out

Ashton Kutcher and his Grandma, Demi Moore, went to the 6th Annual GM TEN show in LA. Pictured here, Ashton seems much more interested in Penelope Cruz than in his hag of a wife.

If you are trying to seem young, the dress ain't working! Try hanging out with some of Ashton's friends and they can give you tips! Read more!

Wonky-Eye In Full Effect

Well we all know Paris Hilton was probably not invited to the Oscars because she lacks the talent, but we do know she will go to any pre and after party! She attended Grisogono's Pre-Oscar Cocktail Party with her arm candy, Greasy Bear. Read more!

Carmen Works It

We all know Carmen Electra will go to any red carpet that she can, here, she is pictured at Studio 54. I give her credit for looking good most of the time. Read more!

Sparkle And Shine

Catherine Zeta-Jones attended the 2007 Food Network Awards looking gorgeous and radiant. Her face definitely is looking "frozen". What kind of work do you think she had done? Read more!

Heath And Michelle Have Spirit

Heath and Michelle attended the Independent Spirit awards looking.. interesting. I will say now that I am not a fan of the hair, but I know it appeals to other people and she is supposed to be "cute". I hate the dress even more and as for Heath, take the ridiculous sunglasses off and let us see your gorgeous face! Read more!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Gwen Is A Great Mother

Look at Gwen, she is a role model for other celebrities to emulate. Gwen has the time to balance her marriage with her adorable son and her career. Here she is pictured in London bringing little Kingston out to lunch.. so cute! Read more!

Michelle Rodriguez Hangs With Her Bitches

In her own words, she is "so misunderstood." At least her bitches get her! Read more!

Drew Looks A Hot Mess

Drew hiked with friends in Hawaii yesterday and well.. she looked like shit. In all fairness, it is her birthday and I guess on your birthday you are allowed to stuff your face and look horrible. Read more!

Don't You Forget About Me

Former Dancing With The Stars Champion, Stacy Keibler, tries to extend her 15 minutes which ended a long time ago by attending the Vanity Fair Amped Concert. Sorry Stacy! Read more!

Mischa Is Wild

Mischa Barton has some taste! Since she can no longer afford shopping at stores such as Saks or Chanel, Mischa has resorted to raiding her mothers closet and wearing things she wore in the 80's. Oh Mischa! Read more!

Where Can I Get Some

Mischa Barton was spotted by photogs smoking a peculiar looking "cigarette" in Los Angeles. More power to you Mischa, she probably borrowed from Nicole Richie's stash! Read more!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Anna Nicole's Body Goes To Dannie Lynns Guardian

The crazy judge who is obviously having an emotional breakdown awarded the body to Dannie Lynn's guardian. Read more!

Break-Ups Can Be Good and Bad

Katie Holmes and Rosario Dawson attended an event celebrating strength within women looking different then we have seen them in the past. Rosario has recently broken up with longtime beau Jason Lewis and Katie Holmes has her new husband Tom Cruise. Scientology is doing this to Katie! Read more!

Orly Getting Lucky?

It's been about a month since we've seen those sexy pictures of Orlando Bloom surfing and "doing his business". Pictured here at the Global Green pre-Oscar party, Orlando looks like he just rolled out of bed if you know what I mean. Read more!

Three Stooges

Eva Pigford, Serena Williams and Russell Simmons posed together at Simmons' Green Initiative Launch Tea event. Eva doesn't looks very model-like, Serena looks like a man in drag and Russell looks like his divorce is taking a toll on him. Read more!

Beauty And The Beast

Men all around the world, there is hope for you. Supermodel Petra Nemcova and her boyfriend, James Blunt appeared at a pre-Oscar party yesterday in Los Angeles. Read more!

The Less Fashionable Of The Two

One of Nicole Richie's best friends, Mischa Barton walks around LA looking.. granny chic? It is obvious that Mischa hasn't taken fashion tips from her more stylish friend. Read more!

The Definition Of Desperate

Wow, I am at a loss. What is the appeal of this girl? She can't dress, she isn't pretty and she doesn't have much of an acting career in America. Go away! Read more!

A Great Mother

With all the talk of bad mothers, I think it is refreshing to see a mother who kept her act together and bounced back from pregnancy like that! Of course I am talking about Gwen Stefani. The always fashionable Gwen was photographed in London without her signature red lipstick. Read more!

Wicked Premieres!

Halle Berry and Shannon Elizabeth walked the red carpet for Wicked Productions and obviously, they have both looked better. Shannon Elizabeth.. who exactly is she and why is she walking red carpets? Read more!

Rachael Ray Immortalized

Yeah.. I'm pretty sure your wax figure isn't supposed to be 1000x hotter than you. Read more!

Thrid Times A Charm

I really cannot believe it. This is the most ridiculous story I have seen in a long while. If she leaves, I really would say there is no hope for her. Read more!

Prince Harry Is Off To Iraq!

Prince Harry will be going to Iraq this spring and he will be in charge of 11 troops. Doesn't the royal family have any power anymore?? I hope he returns safe because you know enemies will be targeting him. Read more!

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